Metal brushing is usually the final metalworking process step. This kind of metalworking is meant more for finishing when the product’s surface is evened out and the defects that appeared in production are removed. During metal brushing (especially for stainless steel or brass) a nice textured look of the surface is produced, which is fully utilised as a decorative element. This process can serve not only in finishing new products but also in renewing metal surfaces. Metal brushing is also useful when producing parts that require great accuracy. For example, if the produced part is slightly too large, the surface is brushed with a special tape covered in hard and small mineral crystals until the measurements meet the requirements. In this way round, square, rectangular, or other profiles with more corners can be joined precisely. Metal brushing work is done on black and stainless steel, aluminium, copper, brass, and other materials. Contact us today and entrust all of your metalworking concerns to professionals!