Metal goods production begins from a vision and thanks to people filled with ideas we have not only learned how to control metal as a material but also realise what for many would seem impossible. It could be hard to believe but metal is “flexible” both production-wise as well as environmentally. When processed correctly, it can serve for a multitude of years in processes of construction joining or surface processing and without a doubt can be 100% recyclable after it has lost it representative looks.

It is important to note that proper processing of this material considerably expands metal usability opportunities and adapts to the realisation of many ideas. Our metal goods production is not limited to interior elements only. Throughout our years of activity we have produced a considerable number of various pieces of furniture and their elements for stores and hotels, façade solutions – canopies, custom construction profiles, interior and exterior windowsills, logos, advertising stands, and letters, staircase constructions, handrails, door elements, car thresholds, consoles and stands for computer systems, a multitude of various metal parts, and, of course, a variety of other metal products for different needs, where quality and aesthetics are prioritised in every step. The more complex the ideas, the bigger the opportunities to grow and improve, as well as prove our customers that everything is possible!