The “Elmia Subcontractor” exhibition, taking place on November 12-15, 2019, is dedicated to suppliers and service providers in the manufacturing industry and is one of the most popular exhibitions in North Europe. This year, the exhibition in Jönköping, Sweden, will hold 1200 participants from 30 countries and is likely to attract around 15000 visitors. 

Every visitor at this exhibition will find companies from almost all the corners of the manufacturing industry. The event is extraordinary because its visitors will not only be able to get interesting information about subcontractors, news on their services and products, but also discover interesting connections and business partners.

In order to ensure the “Elmia Subcontractor” quality, the exhibition organisers give great attention when selecting the participants and aim to make sure that their products and services are part of the following categories in the product register: 

  • Manufacturing methods
  • Products and components
  • Material, rawmaterial and semi-finished products
  • Design and development
  • Tools and fixtures

Being held at the heart of the city, the exhibition is a great opportunity for those wanting to become acquainted with Sweden’s industry. As a leader in this area, the exhibition gathers “all” those related to Swedish subcontracting industry in a single location. While participating with other companies of the Lithuanian Engineering Industries Association (LINPRA) and being a participant representing our company “Politeca” at the “Elmia Subcontractor” Exhibition for the first time, we are planning to display our possibilities for products and services in the manufacturing and metal production areas. For us as participants as well as visitors, this will be a great opportunity to learn about the trends in the industry and draw inspiration for new solutions. 

If you have been considering finding new ideas and partners, it is well worth visiting “Elmia Subcontractor”.

Let’s meet at the Lithuanian LINPRA exhibition booth on November 12-15!