The goal of our activity – profesionalism and quality, achieved by experienced employees fulfilling orders in time.

We are JSC Politeca

UAB Politeca was established in 1993 after privatization of the former machine factory. Now there are 33 people working at the company, most of them are experienced professionals in machine tool manufacturing.

Since its establishment, the company is engaged in metal (aluminum, galvanized, steel metal and stainless steel) processing, it also has the equipment for metal cutting, bending, rolling, perforation, welding, water jet cutting with abrasive or with a band saw machine and drilling.

All our products are made from high quality metal which we order from well-known and reliable suppliers. That allows us to ensure high quality of our products.

Our production is based on individual orders; we are always trying to correspond to our customer’s needs.



Our customers choose

  • Timeliness

    We always adapt to the time limits given by the customer.
  • Wide range of production

    We can fulfil complex orders that satisfly the needs of various customers.
  • Economies of scale

    Producing more output, the unit price drops and can vary up to ten times.